• 1. Tell us your site’s url.
  • 2. We create an HTML 5 version of your Flash site
    so that it's visible to 5 BILLION mobiles.
  • 3. will find you.
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Reach 5 BILLION+ Visitors

Flash is a casualty of the war between Apple and Adobe.

Therefore your lovely flash website
doesn’t work on 300 MILLION+ iPads, iPhones, iPods, and it’s unusable for another 5 BILLION mobile users! Why ?

Within a year, the number of mobile web users will outstrip the number of PC web users. Don’t be left behind with your outdated Flash website. Don’t think you need a mobile presence? Think Again.

Higher Rankings & Leads

After your site is converted to HTML5 , search engines will be able to crawl and index it. You will see a substantial increase in your search engine rankings. See How >

Instead of a anti-social Flash site, that is impossible for search engines to properly crawl, customers will now find you in full.
Every Link, Every Word.

Full Content Management

Sick of spending $$$ getting a web design company to change a little bit of content or update an image?

Don’t waste that money anymore. After your website has been converted, it will have a simple dashboard area which you can use to update all of your own content. It’s time for you to take back control of your website. Learn more >


What We Deliver

Design+Code : Our team will convert your flash site into HTML5 – powered by a simple to use Content Management System : WordPress 3.0

Content Migration : All of your Flash content will be migrated into WordPress.

Deployment : Your brand new HTML5 site will be deployed onto your server or ours.

*Love your flash site? You can keep it if you want and we will provide a mobile version to be served up to mobile visitors. Learn More >

What Do I Need To Do?

Very little.. Really.
Send us your URL. Our team takes care of the design, setup, migration and deployment.

No Flash Files Required.
Don’t have the original Flash files?

Don’t stress.Our technology retrieves all the essential Flash data needed to start the conversion process.

What Are The Possibilities?

+ Reach 5 BILLION IOS & Android Users
+ Share On Facebook & Twitter
+ Increase Site Traffic & Search Rankings
+ Easily Manage ALL Your Content 24/7

You can also hire us to add more customized widgets and design.

*NEW : White Labeling Option
+Agencies, Devs, Designers
Learn more >

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Converted Design

Flash -> HTML5

Our designers convert your Flash website into a custom HTML5 website.

learn more >

Customized CMS

WordPress 3.0

Manage your site 24/7 with this simple content management system.

learn more >

Host It Anywhere

Your Host or Ours

Free Setup & Installation.

Our servers run on:
+ Tier 1 Network
+ Amazon Cloud Storage


Optimized Design

Make life easy for mobile users with a clean mobile-friendly design from BraveNewCode.

learn more >

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“My site RedRope.com is now viewable on iPhones and iPads, my site’s ranking jumped 130 spots on Google and traffic has quadrupled.”

- Eddie Shieh | Creative Director

“I hired and managed a team to build a client’s Flash site. The process was expensive and took several weeks longer than expected.

When my client asked me to make their site mobile-friendly, I dreaded going through that process again.

Thanks to ConvertMyFlash, I was able to deploy a perfect mobile compatible version in only a few days. It’s almost like magic!”

- Daniel Modell | Creative Director

“A real bonus has been the content management system. When I read it as part of the package, I didn’t give it much thought. But now after using it, I realize what a real bargain your package deal was.

“The CMS has made site maintenance and updating a breeze. I spend a lot less time updating the site than I used to. ConvertMyFlash was worth every penny.”

- Dan Parham | Creative Director

“As an SEO/SEM solution provider, the ConvertMyFlash service is an invaluable partner for us and our flash-clientelle. They make us look great by over-delivering SEO results”

- Leslie Lynch | Marketing Director

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  • 15 Converted Pages + Blog
  • *Pre-Made Flexible Design
  • Custom WordPress CMS
  • Free Setup & Installation
  • Features Include:

  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Video Embedding
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Sharing
  • Custom Forms
  • 30-Day Support

accepted ccards


To get started fill out the form below - and we will send you our estimate.

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Our Process

step 1 :: Consultation & Estimate

Send us your Flash URL so that we can do a deep analysis of your site. Once we have assessed its complexity we will contact you with our proposal.
*You are welcome to request additional customization and pages. These can be built into the estimate.

step 1 :: Consultation & Estimate
step 1 :: Consultation & Estimate

step 2 :: 50% Deposit

After you agree to the proposal we will require a 50% deposit to get started. This deposit is 100% refundable during your review process.

step 2 :: 50%
step 2 :: 50% Deposit
step 3 :: Conversion

This is where the magic happens.

1 :: Data Gathering : Our technology gathers all of your basic Flash assets (both images and text).
*If there is anything that occurs that prevents this process we will ask you to provide us with the assets.

2 :: Design Conversion : Our designers will convert your Flash site to a custom HTML5 design.
*The new design will be an approximate replication

3 :: Content Migration : Finally, we migrate your content into our easy-to-use content management system : WordPress 3.0.

step 3 :: Conversion
step 3 :: Conversion
step 4 :: Review & Approval

Once the conversion process is complete and the site fully tested, you will have a chance to “kick the tires”. During this stage we will address any issues you might have. *If you are not fully satisfied we will refund your deposit, no questions asked (although we would be curious!)

step 4 :: Review & Approval
step 4 :: Review & Approval
step 5 :: Final Payment & Deployment

When you are happy with the site we install it on your server and it becomes live and ready for business. After deployment and final payment your site will be under a 30 day warranty. Additional WordPress support can be found via WordPress.org and WPHelpCenter.com. User-guides and tutorials are always available on our site.

step 5 :: Final Payment & Deployment
step 5 :: Final Payment & Deployment
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