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Google Cant Find You

Okay, so Google can find your domain. Great.

But what about your content ?

Google does not properly crawl your Flash content. It may index the contents of an HTML or XML file that your Flash site loads but it won’t consider that part of the content of your site. Ever wonder why your competitors are thrashing you in the Search Engine rankings? HTML websites – that is why.

Don’t believe us? Let see what Google has to say :

“..we don’t guarantee that we’ll crawl or index all the content, Flash or otherwise.”
“.. If your Flash file loads another file—such as an HTML file, an XML file, or another SWF file—we may index the contents of those files, but we won’t consider that content to be part of the content in your Flash files.”

What this means: Most flash site content comes from xml, and Google doesn’t consider it as part of your site.

Result= Invisible site with no links to the individual content and very low rankings.

“Providing text-based equivalents of these files can help other search engines crawl and index your content. In addition, a text-based version of your site will let viewers using older browsers or mobile phones access your content easily”

What Google Recommends :

“ Try to use rich media only where it is needed. We recommend that you use HTML for content and navigation. This makes your site more Google-friendly, and also makes it accessible to a larger audience including, for example, readers with visual impairments that require the use of screen readers, users of old or non-standard browsers, and users with limited or low-bandwidth connections such as a cellphone or mobile device. An added bonus? Using HTML for navigation will allow users to bookmark content and send direct links in email.

Provide text versions of pages. Silverlight is often used as a splash screen on the home page, where the root URL of a website has a rich media intro that links to HTML content deeper into the site. If you use this approach on your website, make sure there is a regular HTML link on that front page to a text-based page where a user (or Googlebot) can navigate throughout your site without the need for rich media.”

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