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HTML5 : Web Re-Defined

“HTML5 is our Future”

- Google

“HTML5 is the next generation of HTML, used for marking up content on the internet. It is becoming increasingly prevalent as more and more designers and developers make the switch. HTML5 does many of the things that could traditionally only be achieved using Flash:

+ Support for 2D graphics
+ Document editing
+ Drag and drop
+ Browser history management
+ Video playback
+ Local file storage

Tecnically Breakdown

All of this can be achieved in browser, without the need for any extensions or add-ons. It is making Flash become more and more redundant.
With the growth of HTML5 you should ask yourself some questions:

Why make your website visitors install an add-on when you can make things easy for them?

Why is your website invisible to iPad and iPhone users when you can make your website viewable by anyone?

Why do you make things difficult for search engine crawlers when it could all be so easy?

HTML5 is the future and Flash is becoming a redundant technology.
It’s time to get on board or be left behind.

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