ConvertMyFlash Increases Page Views, Improves Search Ranking And Encourages Social Sharing For Flash Websites by Using Its Sophisticated Technology To Turn Flash Sites Into HTML5 Sites

New York City, Sept 1, 2011

Design2Dev Inc, a NYC-based web studio, has released ConvertMyFlash™ < > -- a turnkey service that solves two major drawbacks of flash sites today -- their incompatibility with search engines and mobile devices -- by converting Flash sites into HTML5 sites that are:

1. Fully indexable by all Search Engines (SEO-friendly).

2. Highly shareable on Social Networks.

3. Viewable on over 200 Million Apple IOS devices including iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch.

4. Load faster with an ability to show mobile video.

5. Easily & fully manageable via Wordpress CMS.

How It Works  

In under 72 hours, using sophisticated data-extraction technology, the ConvertMyFlash team extracts all data from a flash site and integrates it into a custom-designed HTML5 site modeled after the original flash site.

The new HTML5 site does not replace the user's existing flash site, rather the sites live side-by-side. A user entering the site with a flash-enabled device sees the flash site; while search bots and Apple IOS devices in turn see the HTML5 site. This setup increases both search engine rankings and user accessibility.

An added bonus: the HTML5 site is powered by a state-of-the-art content management system, WordPress, which makes content updating simple and easy as updating your Facebook profile.

A Seamless Conversion Process

Absolutely no effort from the site owner is required for a successful conversion process. ConvertMyFlash does all the heavy lifting in just 72 hours. The site owner doesn't even have to provide the original flash development files.

ConvertMyFlash also offers free installation and setup of the new HTML5 site on either the user's server or ConvertMyFlash's fine-tuned RackSpace™ Cloud servers .

Flash Site Converted HTML5 Converted from Flash
Flash Site Converted HTML5 Converted from Flash

About Design2Dev Inc :

Design2Dev < >, the creators behind, is a boutique web/mobile design & development studio based in New York City with offices in Buenos Aires.